Gia Prime Corporation

Gia Prime Corporation

Gia Prime Corporation

Gia Prime Corporation

Gia Prime Corporation

Gia Prime Corporation

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Who We are

We are industrial grocery suppliers providing total food/Grocery solutions to reduce your convulsions. So, if you are seeking for ultimate HoReCa food supplier in india. We can serve to all your customer’s food needs with our wide range of products.

We targeted to be delivered to HoReCa in industries like Hotels, Restaurants, Café & Clubs, Caterers , Corporate house, NGO’s, Government & Non-Government Institution, Private Institution , Canteens, Dark Kitchens, hostels , Plots/Banquette halls , Bakery and everywhere the good food in huge quantity is needed with wholesale price

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Our Clients


Our focus is helping serve the finest chefs, ,hotels with the best food the world has to offer.we provide a range of extremely well-selected brands and independently do all the research for you to help you add quality items on your shelves, bringing a whole new world of taste at your fingertips.


we partners with restaurants of every size, from small businesses to multinational chains. We work to be your most trusted business partner. Wheather you are a regional cuisine (or) multi cuisine opertaor.

Super Market's

The supermarket environment requires that products will arrive on-time. You need a supplier that understands that the influx and pressures of the holidays require special attention. We have the experience to help you with these seasonal changes & we can fulfill your requirement.